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Meet Julia Ferrini

Julia Ferrini
Julia Ferrini's first camera was a Minolta Freedom 100 – it was a tiny, point and shoot-type camera. Much to the occasional annoyance of her childhood friends, she was often found, with camera in hand, "documenting" their world. Finding she truly enjoyed photography, Julia eventually bought a Canon Rebel in the early 90s.
While living in Delaware, she was fortunate enough to meet the editor of a local community newspaper who took a chance on her and gave Julia her first job as a professional photographer.
Back in New York and resisting the change to digital, an old friend loaned her his Nikon D70 sometime in 2012.
Since then, Julia been photographing the people and places throughout Wyoming County, NY.

Meet Joe Ferrini

Joe Ferrini
Joe Ferrini, a Buffalo, NY-based photographer developed an interest in photography in 2016 during a family trip to Ireland. While traveling overseas, he was enamored by Ireland's cliffs and architecture. His love of the Aran Islands Inis Mor Wormhole  prompted him to borrow his dad's camera and try his hand at shooting. Subsequently, Joe purchased his first camera - a Nikon D5300.
Since then, Joe has been exploring the Western New York area photographing urban and rural landscapes, as well as waterscapes.